Sunday, December 5, 2010

Restore! Don't replace

Quite often restorations merely become exercises in changing original parts for new reproductions or the coveted New Old Stock (NOS) replacements. While sometimes broken or worn parts must be replaced, many times 'restorers' replace parts that would otherwise be perfectly ok given enough effort to restore them correctly.

In the case of this restoration, we are cutting no corners but at the same time we are making every effort possible to restore existing components back into service. In the end we will be left with a car that is as true to original as possible while using the fewest number of replacement parts. With all of our labour free this also makes economic sense as fixing what we have saves quite a lot of cash outlay for replacement parts.

Below is an example of some original parts brought back as good as new. Both parts pictured are easily replaced in the spare part market however those replacements will NEVER be original to the car.

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