Friday, March 4, 2011

Meanwhile in rural Georgia...

You never know where you will find a part you are after. Earlier this week I was driving through rural Georgia on a business trip and passed a field full of old cars. Normally I would just carry on but this field had a bright red Ferrari 328 which caught my attention. Taking a second look I noticed a number of old BMW's and remembered a part that I was after.

The seat belts on the Dino have a small plastic cover that carries the manufacturer name 'Klippan' that hides the mounting bolts. There are 3 of these per seat belt and I was missing 2. Turns out that these covers are the same ones that came on the BMW 2002 and this field was full of 2002's. Speaking to the owner of the yard I was able to pick some covers up for $5 each.

You just never know where the next part will come from. Luckily I had my trusty iPhone to capture the moment.

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