Sunday, August 14, 2011

Giving Dino a voice. The horn restoration

The time has come to restore the horn on the Dino. In Italy the horn rivals the engine for importance on a car and they are always sure to fit something special. 01464 had its horn replaced for a plastic German Bosch unit at some time and this just would not do. An original Italian Fiamm metal trumpet horn was sourced out (compressor from the wrecked Lamborghini previously featured and horn from eBay) and, as always, an extensive restoration was carried out to bring it back to perfect condition.

These horns came in two colours, light blue and candy apple red. Dino's were fitted with red horns and the preparation to paint them turned out to be an exhaustive and time consuming task. After many hours of surface polishing and 2 attempts to powder coat, we are pleased to announce that they turned out perfect with a glass-like finish. Later, all the other components were restored, re-assembled, and tested.

Dino has re-gained his original voice.

Now for some pictures. First up is a great period photo of the Fiamm assembly line in Mantova Italy; home town of the great Italian racing driver Tazio Nuvolari. The model shown in the photo is a bit different to the correct Dino model but the picture was too good to pass up.