Saturday, December 3, 2011

A little help from Sweden. The fuse panel is made

As so many stories begin with 01464 'At some time in the life of our car....the fuse panel was changed' In this case it was changed to a later North American spec fuse panel leaving us to make a new one from scratch .

The first step was to get phenolic board. This was achieved by the generosity of fellow car collector Randy P. and his company Paisley Products of Canada who supplied us with material. This was an easy request for Randy but he made sure to pull out some real old stock from the early 70's to make our panel totally authentic.

The next step was to measure an original panel and make a drawing. This is when some old IKEA furniture (thus the Swede influence) was sacrificed to make a jig that would hold the material while being placed in our milling machine. Material was cut to size and then covered in a self adhesive paper (used by sign makers to pre-mask decals) so that we could draw visible guide lines on. Of course measurements were checked many times and finally we got cutting.

The final result is nothing short of perfect. We are really pleased and look forward to building up the whole fuse panel just as soon as we re-plate all the mounting screws and relays.

Now for some pics.

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