Monday, April 23, 2012

Engine Jewelry: New Connecting Rods From Carrillo

Today I made a special drive out to Santa Ana California to pick up, direct from the factory, our new connecting rods. Made special to order, and ready on exactly the day promised, these gems were produced by con rod specialist Carrillo. In the world of con rods the name Carrillo is one of those universally accepted brands that resonates as being the best of the best. Their components are integral to some of the worlds most powerful and high performance engines and are the choice of those who require nothing less than excellence.

Our Dino engine is being re-built to much less demanding factory OEM specifications yet we felt that a little gift to our power plant was in order. It is a shame these beauties will live where they cannot be seen yet with every revolution we can be sure of their reliability.

Now for some pictures....


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