Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Eye sockets: Restoring the headlight buckets

A little over a year ago we posted our special find of NOS headlights. For those who missed it the post is here:


Today we managed to finish the housings that these lights reside in. Not that it took a year to do it but some of the pieces took some time to source out so now we have a complete assembly. Among these are correct to original brass rivets that hold the spring clips that fix the large headlight rings in place. These rivets were set with a special tool Dad made on the lathe from an old bolt.

Once installed they look OEM perfect; its just too bad they cannot be seen. In addition every part was either powder coated, re-plated, or cleaned. Note the large dish shaped ring which is galvanized and not plated. Another assembly ready for final installation.

Now for some before and after photos


  1. amazing detail - the next guy restoring this car in 50 years is going to think it was never restored in the past

    1. Thank you for the kind words. It is our intention to drive the car so the next restoration may not be 50 years off :)