Monday, June 3, 2013

Picking our way forwards: Assembling the door locks

There are nut and bolt restorations and then there are nuts like us who insist on taking EVERYTHING as apart as possible to restore and detail even the tiniest of components. Our door locks are no exception as they were disassembled, the bodies were re-chromed, parts re-plated, and even the tiny spring loaded door that hides the key opening polished like new.

Once all the parts were clean and ready we had to go through the process of matching the internal tumblers to the keys. We are lucky to have both the original door and ignition keys with our car and ,with a little effort, we were able to re-assemble the lock as good as new.


  1. I suspect detailing the key will be next!

  2. The key is original to the car and nice enough to not mess with. Both keys will be set aside as part of the 'books and tools' and reproductions will be used for everyday driving. After over 40 years of service the risk of a key break is quite high which is why we will rely on repro keys for regular use.

  3. Assembling a door lock is quite tough job. Good to know that you had shared these steps. Thanks.