Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Controling the leaks with rubber lined pressure sealing washers

Take a look under most Ferrari's and you will find a drip or two of oil. It has often been said that a Ferrari that does not leak oil is a Ferrari that is out of oil. Quite often these leaks trace back to the studs that align and attach the engine and gearbox sump covers. Despite using correct gaskets, hot oil winds itself down the threads of the mounting studs, seeps through the nut and forms a little drip on the end of the stud.

Look again under the car and pay attention to the nuts that hold the sump covers in place. Almost always you will see a little drip forming just waiting to deposit itself on the garage floor. The solution comes in the way of these neat little washers (called 'pressure sealing washers') available from McMaster-Carr. They have a high temperature and oil resistant rubber seal bonded to the washer and seal against the sump mounting studs. Once installed they look 100% original and stop the leaks.

Available from and cost about 70 cents each. Money very well spent.

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  1. Thank you very much. I knew I read about these somewhere before. After putting these on, I hope my Dino will be spot-free. All the best with your project. And thanks for sharing.