Monday, February 21, 2011

Crazy Task #2: A perfect taper

This is going to be a busy week with lots of updates. Paul, Dad, and I are all in town at the same time so we are hoping at least 3 times as much work is going to get done. Today as we got to work another task that showed our craziness came up. With that I present 'Crazy Task #2'

One of the brake caliper bolts needed to be replaced however these special Ribe head bolts are near impossible to get and we had to source one from a vintage Porsche. It was identical in all aspects but was 5 mm longer. Breaking out the hacksaw and cutting it shorter just would not do so not only did we trim it down on the lathe but we made sure to make an additional end taper that perfectly matched the OEM bolt that came on the Dino. Now all that is left is a re-plate of the bolt and it can be used.

Stay tuned as there will be lots of updates this week and I promise them to be more substantial that photos of the end of a bolt :)

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