Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Leather time! But first we must correct prior sins

While doing our research Dino guru Matthias informed us that 01464 is one of only 31 M series Dino's to have been fitted with a leather interior from factory. Dino's were low dollar cars in their days so most left Maranello with vinyl trimmings as leather was a rare option.

As many stories begin with our Dino...'At some time in the life of the car' the leather had been replaced and it was done so poorly. The correct stitch patterns were not replicated, the materials were wrong, and the general craftsmanship was poor. This, coupled to the re-use of original padding and webbing, resulted in seats that are at best poor compared to original. At least the original '197' build number remained however everything else is trash.

Future installments will document the seat re-construction but for now here are some photos of how NOT to do a Dino interior.

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