Saturday, April 23, 2011

Restoration Lesson: Work with experienced professionals

As the leather work progresses it became very clear how important it was for us to choose an upholsterer with vehicle specific experience. On the recommendation of vintage Ferrari guru Tom S. we chose to have the interior work done by Pete at Westminster Auto Upholstery in Anaheim California. Not only is Pete and his crew super skilled, but they have forgotten more about Ferrari interiors than I am ever likely to learn. He came recommended as the best and boy did he deliver!

We will document the interior work over several posts but this one will concentrate on some of the things we found wrong and the steps taken to correct them. Really the only thing correct on the whole interior was some of the framework and the rest was either wrong or too worn out to use.

Here is where Pete really showed his stuff. Over the years he has collected dozens of original Dino interior samples to reference off of  when performing re-constructive surgery. In his words our old interior was more than 'Mickey Mouse...Pluto, Donald, and all the characters were invited!' As such, in addition to fixing things, he took the time to show me everything that was wrong and where Ferrari cut corners on the original cars. There would be no such short cuts on 01464.

Now for some progress pics...

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