Sunday, May 15, 2011

Perfect mousehair and perfect installation thanks to HVL and Westminster

For years Dino and Ferrari Daytona owners have lacked a proper replacement for the original mousehair material that covered the dash. The available replacements were the wrong colour, thickness, and did not wear very well. Those who found rolls of original material, and paid dearly for it, found out quickly that the NOS covering would fade in the dark and did not last very well at all.

All those problems are now a thing of the past thanks to Henk at . Henk has managed to track down the ORIGINAL MACHINE that made the mousehair and has formulated a flocking (the fuzzy stuff) that looks 100% perfect and has modern wear and fade resistance. We would like to thank Henk for his dedication to make such a perfect product and offer Dino and Daytona owners a solution for their worn dashboards.

For his part, Pete at Westminster Auto Upholstery in Anaheim was again a star and did a masterful job of re-covering the dash.

Below are photos of the finished product. Mind you it is very difficult to photograph this material but in the flesh it is as perfect as you will ever see.

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