Thursday, October 6, 2011

The gift of sound on a sad day.

Today the world remembers the founder of Apple Steve Jobs as his passing yesterday reminds all of us what a profound impact his ideas had on the way we live our lives today. You may be reading this blog on one of his devices and with the invention of the iPod and iTunes, he made music more accessible to the world.

On that note I decided to surprise Paul today with something I had been putting together for him as a surprise gift for several months. Yesterday the last piece of the puzzle came in the mail from Italy and with it completed the original audio system for the Dino. Front and center is the Voxson Stereo 8 radio and 8 track player. Voxson was an premium Italian radio manufacturer that was fitted to Ferrari's and some Maserati's in the early 70's. I was able to find an incredibly intact unit that still had all of the original wire ends and Voxson labelled fuse holder. When I opened the package I was astounded to the condition of the radio and all of its ancillaries. This includes a factory powered amplifier with outputs for the left and right audio channels.

The other item I sourced was an NOS Voxson antenna. Incredibly rare, these were often damaged and changed so to find a brand new unit was a real stroke of luck tied to a lot of creative persistence. It will adorn the rear flank of 01464 nicely.

Stay tuned for a future post where wiring schematics for iPod integration will be revealed. 8 tracks are great and all but we will be making provisions for modern digital music. Don't worry it will be 100% hidden and will not involve cutting a single wire.


  1. What a lovely Voxson 8 track. I happen to have the same, but do not have the slightest idea how to operate it: start/stop, forward, reverse, the four channels and so on.

    Could you explain?
    Sjoerd Hora Siccama

    1. Thank you fore the comment. The truth is that I have no idea how to use the radio either and I have not yet wired it up to learn. I will be sure to post in the future when I get it all figured out.

  2. do you have any idea where I can purchase one of these for my 1973 Dino Ferrari GT???

  3. If you have one of these for sale for a 1973 Dino Ferrari GT please let me know at thanks