Saturday, June 30, 2012

A conversation with an old friend reveals an almost 30 year old photo of 01464

Today we made a most unexpected discovery. A visit to an old friend revealed an even older envelope that had not been opened in almost 30 years. Labelled with the stamp of the local dealer of the time, inside was a brand new copy of Prancing Horse magazine; the Ferrari Club of Canada publication. Leafing through it my friend said 'here is a photo of my friends Dino that was black and gold'. Sure enough some quick questions filled in the blanks and there was a pic (seen in the background next to another Dino) of 01464 before it was yellow sitting in the dealership floor at Gentry Lane. A little more digging on Google Earth shows that the building which once sold Ferrari's now sells Mitsubishi's and is about a mile away from my house. A small world indeed.


  1. fantastic stuff, regards Matthias

  2. Was the car not white originally ?

    1. Yes the car was first white then painted black and gold and then yellow.

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