Friday, June 29, 2012

Solid as a piece of iron. The engine block is checked prior to machining

It is always a good idea to be sure of something rather than just assume that it is ok. Yes our engine did not leak but when it is all apart checking for cracks should be a minimum requirement. The cast iron engine block of 01464 was treated to magnaflux treatment to look for cracks and the cylinders were then sonar checked to ensure that they are are uniform thickness with no odd porosity or weak spots.

As expected, the engine block was given a clean bill of health and will next go to machining and cleaning before being painted and preppared for re-assembly.


  1. The block is the foundation of any blueprinting project. Every other part in the engine ultimately
    depends on it. More time, effort, and expense is devoted to preparing the block than to any other
    single component. If the engine is to perform up to expectations, the block has to be right.

    1. Agreed which is why we are insisting on using a torque plate for the honing of the cylinders despite the fact that it is already a cast iron block. Every bit of increased accuracy can only make the engine run better.