Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A powerful paint job: Finishing the engine block

After machining and cleaning the engine block it was time to paint it. Dino engines are made from cast iron and to keep them from rusting they received a gloss black painting at the factory. The first step in any paint project is to ensure that the surface is prepared as well as possible. To achieve this we masked off anywhere dust or dirt can get in, cleaned the block with a wire wheel, and then used pre-paint solvent to remove any oils or deposits. It is at this stage that taking your time is CRITICAL because if the surface is not clean then the paint will peel down the road.

Once cleaned the block was treated to two thin coats of high temperature engine enamel. We like using paints made by VHT in a spray can but any high quality engine paint will do. With the block painted we are now approaching the time for assembly.

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