Saturday, September 15, 2012

Dino needs your help!

Many of our faithful readers will have noticed that our posts have been rather thin over the past 6 weeks or so. The truth is that the Dino has been temporarily on hold as our attention has been turned to our family that is mourning the loss of one of its close members.  

My father in-law, Annetta’s dad, and our dog Dino’s best buddy Richard passed away suddenly and unexpectedly at the end of July shelving the restoration for a few weeks. Our trip to Concorso Italiano last month was to uphold a promise we had made to Richard that we would show Luigi there and it was with heavy hearts that we undertook the journey. Understandably it was very special to drive across the lawn and accept a prize in his honor.

As we go through the process of healing there is one special event that we will be taking part in and it is to the followers of our blog that we would like to make a humble request. Next week is the Toronto Humane Society ‘Paws In The Park’ event to raise funds and awareness for the centre. Not only was it Richard’s favorite charity but it was also his favorite Father-daughter event that he would take part in with Annetta. The last time it ran was in 2005 so he was thrilled to enter this year with Dino as the event was resurrected for 2012. Sadly he will never get the chance to walk this year so Annetta and I are making a special effort to raise as much money as we can in remembrance to Richard.  

Below there are 2 links: 

-          One is the official donation page where credit card donations can be made securely online

-          The other is a PayPal link we have created so those with PayPal accounts can donate. This money will be pooled together and donated as a lump sum on the morning of the event on September 23rd 

If you are a follower of our website and blog and derive entertainment and education from it we respectfully request that you show your appreciation by supporting us in this cause.  

Many thanks for you attention and please check back next week after the walk for comprehensive updates on the body and engine filled with photos, tips, and tricks to help in your present or future restoration project.

Link to donation page:

Dino's Official Paws in the Park Webpage!

PayPal Link:

Of course this post would not be complete without some photos of our Dino :)


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