Sunday, January 13, 2013

A 'smokin' albeit reluctant model: The ash tray restoration

Today we finished off restoring the ash tray. It was a whole lot more work than we anticipated but we are most pleased with the result. Before starting the assembly was in a tired state. The main chrome was worn and previous butchers had their way with the electrics leaving them warped and wounded.

In order to get it looking its 1971 best our ash tray was treated to fresh chrome on the body, all new hardware, and full restoration of the light assembly. The most difficult part though was restoring the lid. On the Dino the lid is made from stainless steel and has a very faint ribbing on the surface. Luckily there were no dents or deep scratches and Paul polished it by hand over several hours to a factory new finish.

Second only to the lid in difficulty was photographing the finished piece for this blog post. It was incredibly difficult to shoot without getting dust on it or reflections that ruined the final photos; a problematic model right to the end.




  1. Superb result! What kind of stainless steel polish and application do you recommend? Fortunately my ashtray shows no exterior blemishes but could probably use a good polishing.

    1. Both the chrome and the stainless was polished using Mothers Mag and Aluminum Wheel Polish. It comes in a little tin and can be bought at any auto parts store. Application is done with a rag and lots of rubbing.