Saturday, January 12, 2013

Introducing the D3S: Dino Deadly Drip Saver

Dino's suffer from a common leak that originates at the forward cam tensioner. It is a poor design that even if freshly re-built is prone to leak at any time. Normally leaks on an Italian car are not a big deal but in this case the drip falls right on the alternator causing it to short out and requiring a re-build. If you are lucky this happens at home but more often than not it takes place on the road requiring an expensive tow before even more expensive repairs can be carried out.

To solve this problem we came up with a nifty little shield that installs in minutes without any dis-assembly and directs a leak away from the alternator and to the floor under the car. This way the warning that your tensioner has leaked is no longer a stranded Dino but rather a little drip under the car.

We have made these available for sale at our store (link at top of page) and supply the laser cut and CNC bent stainless steel part with its own instruction manual that mimics period Technical Service Bulletins (TSB's) from Ferrari. How awesome is that!

Many thanks go out to Dad for turning my idea into a prototype and Annetta for making the instruction sheet look so authentic.


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