Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Original screws: Steering hub and horn button restoration

With the steering wheel all done we turned our attention to the steering wheel hub and horn button.

First up is the horn button. The original one was taken apart, all of the electrical contacts were cleaned, the plastic polished, and trim ring re-chromed. As this is a center piece of attention for the driver we wanted to make sure it was perfect. While the photos taken under direct flash are very harsh, in the flesh the part looks like it was made yesterday and will be a fitting finish to our wheel.

Supporting everything is the steering hub itself. Observation of these hubs on original cars revealed 2 things:

1. The original wrinkle finish on the hub is much finer than the one on the steering column which is much more coarse. As such we refinished the part accordingly.

2. The Allen head screws had a predominantly smooth finish on the heads. Many cars you see restored have more readily available modern screws with deep stampings on them. Originally these screws were made by Lobo in Italy and had just a faint manufacturer and grade marking on them. Amazingly we were able to find just enough un-used original screws for our application. Again in the photos the markings look more prominent than they are in reality as the stampings are very faint.

Given the scrutiny that Paul would be giving these components in day to day use I knew they had to be perfect.

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