Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Back together at last: The instrument cluster is finished

After what seemed like endless jobs the instrument cluster is finally back together. Here are posts of just some of the jobs this project entailed:

Re-building the first instrument:

Fixing damaged threads:

Re-building the clock:

Finishing the instrument housings:

Re-producing the instrument panel:

In putting this post together I went through some old photos and really was amazed to the condition of the cluster before we started. There was considerable rust, dirt, and oils on the back side. The tachometer housing was badly burned and melted from the ammeter having overheated. The wiring was a complete mess and even the glass on the speedometer was cracked. Honestly we have no idea how the condition was so poor when you think that the instruments lead a fairly sheltered life protected by the dashboard.

The finished result is something we are most proud of. The final instrument cluster looks like it was made yesterday and we were able to get all of the details looking factory new. Even the wiring was carefully re-constructed eliminating all of the cut-ins and splices that previous people left behind. 


  1. Is this where the story ends? Don't leave us hanging...

  2. I keep checking in every day. Would love to see the progress!

  3. Yes, I need my blog fix! You are so close to being done!

  4. We've been away for a while and will soon post an update. The car has been sleeping for the past few months as life has gotten in the way so we'll update some of the past assembly work before getting back to real time work. Thank you for the support