Monday, October 21, 2013

Crazy task #6: Powder coating pop rivets

Faithful blog followers are well familiar with our 'crazy task' segment where we profile some obscure job that we do that has little place in the rational world. Today we show us powder coating pop rivets from silver to black.

'Just buy black pop rivets!' you say. Yes but the problem with those is that when installed on a black painted surface they look different because they are not painted but blacked in finish. Painting the rivet will not stand up to the installation so tough powder coating is used. This way when the rivet is installed, it matches its surrounding perfectly and will look like it was painted in place.

We did save some sanity and saved this laborious process to only the visible rivets. Rivets that live their life under carpet or vinyl get to stay natural in finish but we have a lot of powder coating to do when it comes time to do the rivets on the under tray.


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