Friday, October 25, 2013

Wipeout! Installing the wiper assembly

It feels like ages ago when we restored the wiper assembly but they are finally back on the car. Again here are the posts of the restoration which some will remember was done in two parts:

The restoration:

The missing part:

Now it is all installed and looking great but before putting it in we had to index the wiper system so that the blades change direction at the correct times. This is done by turning the motor by hand and observing the movement of the system at various points. In the end we found that the system makes 2 turns when changing direction in which the arm is stationary. To this end we set the assembly in the middle (1 turn) and did the same with the extension for the passenger side. This way we could be 100% sure of proper alignment.

And here it is installed:

Also we installed the original Transparmatic windshield washer pump. These are long since NLA so finding one was a bit of a challenge.

Lastly is one detail that Paul should be particularly proud of. The original angled plastic spacers where the wiper arms go was badly scratched and weathered from 40+ years of use. In order to bring them back he spent many hours wet sanding and polishing the plastic back to an as new finish. I left the shop at 9 pm and got knows when he left because the next morning I was just blown away with how perfect they looked. To look at them you would think they were made yesterday let alone be plastic that is pushing a half century in age.

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