Monday, May 12, 2014

An incredibly tight fit: Greasing the radiator to help it in

Yes you read that correctly. The fit between the body opening and the radiator was so incredibly tight that we actually had to grease the side of the radiator to help it slide into position. As you can imagine this did not sit too well with Paul who spent hours block sanding the radiator to perfection as chronicled in one of our previous crazy tasks:

Luckily the paint on the body and radiator were just the correct number of coats and everything installed without the slightest scuff or mark. Regardless we were amazed that Ferrari would have such incredibly tight tolerances in the radiator fit and then have enormous bolts fixing it in place requiring a rather large 22mm wrench to tighten. It is fair to say you can lift the car from the radiator mounts.

Now the radiator is fitted and all the ancillaries around it are installed. This includes the rad fan motors, rad straps with correct LOBO bolts, correct Serflex hose clamps, and radiator hoses with period markings on them. We are quite pleased with the assembly as everything looks just 'right' in the nose.

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  1. incredible - look forward to each update