Saturday, May 24, 2014

Path of least resistance: Wiring harness restoration Part 3

In the last few posts we have been reviewing the wiring harness restoration. The harness is now finished and ready to go in.

The first step to getting the harness in is establishing its general path into the car and then preparing it for fitting. In the photo below Paul looks eager to get to work and to speed things along we put the bulk of the harness on a rolling cart. It of course goes without saying that we covered the paint very carefully to avoid any damage.

On the Dino the bulk of the harness enters on the drivers side just under the windshield wiper motor
Below you can see the wires once they passed through the front bulkhead and are now ready to feed through the car.
Some of the wires stay in the passenger cabin while others pass along just under the surface of the dashboard.


While most of the wires are concentrated in the front half of the car there are still some wires that need to go to the back to run the ignition, tail lights, and other electrical items. These wires exit the under dash area on the passenger side, run down the front wheel arch and along the main side chassis tube back to the rear of the car. In order to keep these wires clean and to help feed them quickly we wrapped them in plastic. This make quick work of fitting the harness.

In the end while we have lamented about some terrible jobs on this car, however with the task being done early in the build, the wiring installation went rather smoothly. Rough running of the wires tool about 30 minutes while final positioning and checking well lets say took rather more time.


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  2. That looks extensive. Well, at least you got through the initial stage of setting up the wire work. I guess the next phase will be routing the electricity well enough to be amply distributed throughout the car. The least you'd want at this point is power surges and stuff, so I hope you've got all the tools on the table minimize or eliminate any glitches. All the best!

    Kellie Taylor @ Aim Dynamics