Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Lone Stallion: Installing the factory ID plate

Way back at the beginning of this blog we showed how the original chassis number was unearthed hidden under layers of paint. Here is the link for those who do not remember the post:

Back in the day the Dino was seen as a poor mans Ferrari so it was common for owners and even dealers to fit Ferrari badges and horses all over the body and interior. As Dino's have begun to be appreciated as their own sub-brand, restorers have shed the non-original badges leaving only the factory installed Dino markings.

That said there is one Ferrari horse that is totally correct to original and the only Ferrari emblem that appears on the whole car. This is located on a small aluminum plate that is pop riveted to the panel that separates the engine bay from the trunk. Ours was totally original and in excellent condition so it got little more than a quick wipe with a cloth before installing it on the freshly restored panel.

This job was left to Paul and Dad who appear to be relieved to have had such a simple job go smoothly. If only all the tasks could be this easy.

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  1. I notice that the Aluminum heat shield on the engine bay side of the firewall is painted what looks to be a "satin" black. I have a 1971 early "E" series which still uses the 2 piece fiberglass firewall but the Al shield is not painted--did they make a change or should it be black? Also, did you use the same satin chassis black on the fiberglass panels, or were they painted in a flat black? Thanks