Friday, October 5, 2012

More sins absolved: The rocker panels

At times we do not know if we need a craftsman or a priest as we seem to be spending most of our time forgiving the poor workmanship sins of others. Because the rocker panels on the Dino are perhaps equally prone to rust as the lower rear sections, then over the course of 40+ years more than one has had the chance to apply their trade on the repair of these panels.

As always poor previous attempts to repair have been handled by the folks at RM who masterfully crafted and installed complete new side sections inclusive of rocker panel and all. We were just floored when we saw the quality of these parts and bear in mind these are NOT store bought replacement panels. They were formed in one piece from flat stock by RM's own sheet metal god Jim.


  1. Exactly correct on the rocker shape and how the tube is to be. I can't believe how many cars I see where this is wrong. Great work so far. Lars

    1. Thank you for the comment Lars. One of the problems is that there are so many repaired cars out there that errors are repeated one after another. It is essential to research and document original cars as much as possible so that when work is being done you have accurate refereces to work off of.