Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Product Spotlight: Lizard Skin Sound & Heat Insulation

Two problems that Dino owners battle with is heat and noise in the cabin. Heat problems come from two main sources:

1. The main chassis tube that passes through the cabin has the radiator coolant lines running through it. As a result, this tube heats up and radiates a lot of heat in the cabin.

2. The rear firewall does not do a very good job of insulating the cabin from radiant heat from the engine.

Both of these conspire to heat the cabin quite a lot. Early cars have no air conditioning making hot summer drives uncomfortable for even the most dedicated enthusiast.

The second problem is one of noise. Not the glorious sound of the V6 Dino engine but rather noises that are the product of vibrations that resonate in the occupant compartment. Previously sound issues were addressed with self-adhesive matting products (which are expensive, bulky, and heavy) while there was no real options to deal with the heat.

The folks at Mascoat Products have a solution with their Lizard Skin line of coatings. Sold as a sprayable liquid, they offer both a sound and heat insulating coating that can be used separately or layered to offer double protection. While almost unknown in the exotic car restoration world, these products have a very established track record in the American restoration and Hot Rod environment and we look forward to using it as our initial tests have blown us away.

Keep reading for images of the Lizard Skin going on at RM and you can read more about the product at:


We also posted a video below that profiles Lizard Skin


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  2. Lizard Skin is being applied to non visible areas to improve areas of weakness on the car. Once assembled it will be impossible to detect its presence. It has always been our directive to use modern materials and techniques within our personal spectrum of values to make for a more reliable and better built car. This approach is common practice among the worlds finest restorers. The secret is in knowing where to do what.

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