Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Our Moby Dick: Finally finding a Foredit engine bay light assembly

In every restoration there is one part that challenges you more than any other and becomes the single piece that becomes near impossible to find. On 01464 this part showed itself early and defined itself as the great whale to be captured. Made by the long since closed Foredit company of Turin is a small light/switch assembly that was fitted to all 206, L series, and early M series Dino's. Almost all of the cars who were fitted with this part no longer have them and the few that do mainly have broken examples.

Just over 2 years ago we unearthed proof that our Dino required this part and it was all chronicled here:


Since that time we have searched the globe high and low for one and spent countless hours in pursuit. We came close, were deceived, looked for substitutes, and peered under the hood of just about every Italian car made in that period. In the end we absolved ourselves to make our own and learned a great deal about plastics production and low volume injection molding.

With the manufacturing wheels in motion, a long chased lead came through and we found ourselves with an original switch that had been sitting for decades. Below are photos of the switch before detailing it showing some 40 years of dust hiding in the crevices.

While relieved to have this part we are still determined to take it off of the endangered species list and will continue to pursue plans to make an exact reproduction. Interested owners can e-mail us at dino246@live.com to have their name placed on a listing indicating an interest (but no commitment) to purchase a switch when they are ready.