Thursday, November 18, 2010

A colourful past

Dino guru Matthias recently informed us that Dino 01464 was originally manufactured on January 26th 1971 and finished in white with black interior. We knew the car to be previously painted black and gold (a true crime) but now we were on a mission to find some traces of the original white paint. Futher dis-assembly revealed our Dino's original livery confirming the masters data.

As an added plus a fellow Toronto F-Chatter remembers our Dino parked in front of Yonge Steeles Motors back in 1971 and confirmed it as being the LAST pre-smog car sold by them. As we track down more history we'll post it as it materializes.

Now for some photos of the original white...


  1. Will you restore the car to original specs? ie. White with black interior?

  2. The Dino is going back to a period correct Yellow. Two reasons for this.

    First, when you spend the time and money that we will on your dream car you should have it the colour you want FIRST.

    Second, for anyone who claims diminished value or collectability on a colour change they can take comfort in the fact that this car is going to be driven A LOT. The plan is that by the time it gets sold it will need to be restored again :)

    Trailer queens hold no interest for us.

  3. The Dino does look fantastic in yellow. I also like the dark blue I've seen on occasion.

    I don't really get trailer queens either. One of my favourite stories from a number of years ago is of a guy who bought a 250 GTO at auction for I think somewhere over $20 million and the following weekend he was out flogging it on the racetrack.

    Cars are meant to be driven and enjoyed no matter what it is.

    I love your blog and can't wait to see the final results.


  4. I was just curious btw... I hope my comment didn't come across as "OMG I can't believe you're not going to make it original!"

  5. No offense taken in the least. Great to hear you enjoy the blog.