Monday, October 17, 2011

Koni USA Delivers. Original shocks returned as good as new

Today our long awaited shocks arrived from Koni USA. As we reported earlier in a previous post we discovered that 01464 was still fitted with its original shocks as delivered from Ferrari. These were sent to the classic division of Koni USA for re-building and restoration.

I must say that the service and finish was first rate. Not only were the shocks re-built but they were painted the original Koni red colour (much more orange in tone than the new shocks which are more red) and with the period correct decals. Anyone thinking of replacing their shocks should consider having them re-built by Koni USA. The wait time was almost 2 months but the price was less than the cost of a new set of shocks with a better paint finish and correct decals. Also the quality of packing was first rate.

Thank you Koni.

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