Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Brake...for lines: Fabricating new brake lines

One of the jobs that I did not much look forward to doing was fabricating the hard brake lines that feed the individual calipers. Of course the ones that came off the car were old and tired so new lines were the only option. In fact the photo below shows just how ugly the lines were.

The procedure for making new lines is pretty straightforward but there are some tricks to consider along the way. First of all is using a high grade of line. We chose premium line with a copper/nickel blend for outstanding durability. It comes in a roll and needs to be straightened first. A trick for this is to roll it out on a flat table rather than freehand in the air. This results is a much straighter line.

To make the flares proper tools make all the difference. We invested in a Mastercool hydraulic flaring tool and could not be happier. Having struggled with budget tools in the past the Mastercool worked so well that its cost was soon forgotten.

Finished lines are compared to fitting templates made from thin wire. Wire works well and is cheaper than scrapping a bunch of line to get your patterns correct.

And now for the finished product. We are well pleased with the result.

One last tip is in ensuring that the lines have adequate flex to avoid breakage. This is achieved by placing gentle radius bends and 's' shapes in the line to act as a natural spring that absorb movement. Lines that are too stiff or run straight between points are prone to breakage.


  1. Nice job done on brake pipes! Did you use Kunifer ones?

  2. Correct we did use the Cunifer copper nickel lines as they are very durable and easy to work with.