Saturday, February 8, 2014

The departing of a Gentleman: Original salesman Scot Macdonald passes away at 92

Some time ago we introduced a very special man. Scot Macdonald was the original salesman to our Dino and we had the chance to re-unite him with the car he sold some 40 years earlier. To those who missed it the story was told here:

It is with a heavy heart that we have to report that Scot passed away recently at the distinguished age of 92. Always proper and always a gentleman, Scot was a lifelong car salesman selling by his account one hundred different brands of cars in his lifetime. Of note at Young Steeles Motors in Toronto he was THE Ferrari salesman selling our Dino as well as every other Ferrari at the time.

Scot Macdonald posing with a Ferrari 308GTB he sold back in 1977

In addition, he was the first Mercedes Benz salesman in Canada (telling tales of driving a 300SL Gullwing around with the doors open) and was a long time Rolls Royce salesman. Legend has it that he once turned away famous musician Ronny Hawkins on the purchase of a Rolls only for Hawkins to return later that day with a bag full of cash to buy the car spawning the writing of a song that recounted the experience.

Away from the showroom floor, Scot was a WWII veteran and a world class ballroom dancer sharing the better part of his adult life with his both dance and eventual life partner that survives him. It was however as a master of the art of the deal for which we will remember him and it is with that thought that we present the following video. In it Scot recounts his trials with Yonge Steeles Motors dealer owner Bill Popovich in selecting a car for the Toronto Autoshow as well as his account of when THREE Ferrari Daytona Spiders arrived at the dealership requiring his expertise to sell.


  1. I first met Scot in 1984. A great man. Super, super salesman...

  2. Rest in peace my friend. You were like family to us!

  3. Just happened to come across this. I was privileged to have known Scott during my time as a parts manager with Young Steeles Motors in the mid to late 70's, looking after the Ferrari parts import and distribution for Canada until they took on VW. And yes, he truly was gentlemen of the traditional sort, and always had a story to tell that benefited from his rich experience as luxury automobile salesman. Not having seen him since 1979, I'm happy to hear he lived to the ripe old age of 92!

  4. I used to visit the dealership, a lot in the early eighties. The cars were just parked outside ! I have photos from then. Scot was the nicest person, always pleasant even though he knew Ferraris were beyond my means. One day he even took me for a drive up Yonge in a Daytona coupe.