Wednesday, November 12, 2014

New Product: No Drill Magnetic License Plate Mount

Originally the sheet metal on Dino's were not drilled at the factory for a rear license plate. This task was left to the discretion of the dealership with no official guides offered by the factory. As you can imagine this led to all sorts of unique interpretations of what the 'correct' spot was.

In our case after hours and hours of metal work we could not bring ourselves to drill a hole in the beautifully restored rear panel of our Dino and set about coming up with a solution that would allow a good mounting of the license plate without compromising the metal or the paintwork.

With this introduce a new product offering on which is a magnetic license plate mount kit. We'll repeat the link at the bottom but for the really excited here it is:

Kit is available in high polish chrome or semi-gloss black finish

The kit is made up of a high quality stainless steel license plate frame (available in semi-gloss black or polished chrome finish) together with special rubber coated high strength magnets that securely fix the assembly to the body.

Once installed the assembly fits nice and tight up against the body and shows no signs to any observers that the only thing holding it on are magnets.

Removal is very easy and the rubber coated magnets ensure that the paint is perfectly protected. The easy removal of the plate is particularly useful for cleaning as the exhaust on these cars is known for kicking up some soot on the rear of the car.

Also included in the kit are decorative screw covers for those owners who would prefer to not have visible fasteners. Screw covers come in chrome or black depending on the frame ordered.

We have tested this product on the road for over 1000 miles without the slightest issue. The frame stays perfectly secured and the paint underneath is totally unblemished.

A few product notes:

- Plate frame is sized for North American license plates only and is 50 State Legal as it does not block registration stickers.

- This assembly is not intended to be a concours correct item however it solves the issue of mounting a plate frame without making holes on a concours correct car.

- Because this kit relies on magnets to hold the license plate in place it is for cars with steel bodies only (sorry to the Dino 206 owners out there).

- While it works great on a Dino this kit is fully applicable to any other car with a rear steel surface on which to mount a license plate (of which there are many).

Purchase Online:

or click on the 'Store' link above (product is about half way down the page)


  1. Very cool and creative with your typical fanatical execution!

    1. Thank you. The motivation not to drill made us do it :)

    2. would it be possible to supply black screws for the black frame?

    3. Screw cap covers are included if you want to install them but we will not be supplying black or silver hardware depending on the frame ordered.

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