Sunday, December 2, 2012

Gauging progress: The first instrument is re-built

One down seven to go as we just finished the restoration of the fuel gauge. In previous posts we profiled how we repaired broken mounting studs, re plated the outside and repainted the inside of our instruments. For those who missed the old posts they can be found here:

Crazy Task #4: Micro welding the most obscure of studs

Getting messy with spray paint: Finishing the instrument housings

Today all of the nicely restored parts came together. In addition to cleaning everything we tested to make sure that everything worked as it should. Assembling the gauges is a tedious task requiring a number of home made tools that aid in the proper sealing of the case. Everything must be surgically clean so great care is taken to ensure that there are no marks or lint anywhere during assembly.

We will post as more instruments come together but for now the transformation of the fuel gauge.

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