Monday, December 10, 2012

Metaphysical decision: Restorations and the odometer reading

When fully restoring a car eventually you must turn your attention to the gauges and the odometer. At this stage there are two schools of thought:

1. Reset the odometer

Because the car has received a full restoration, then the odometer can be reset to zero. None of this is to fool anyone because a well documented resto would note this but the thought is that with the car being 'new' then so to is the mileage.

2. Leave the odometer reading alone

The mileage is part of the history and story of the car and a restoration is merely an addition to that story and not a new beginning. The mileage should continue from where the restoration started as it would be incorrect to tamper with the accumulated distance so far.

In our restoration we believe in the latter idea and are happy to start off where we left. To this end we fully serviced our speedometer and will be beginning the next phase of its life at 70496 miles. Well maybe one or two will be added on the bench as we distribute the new lubricant on the gears by turning the input shaft with a drill.

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