Sunday, December 8, 2013

Father & Son time: The journey to get the Dino on wheels

After what seemed like endless individual restoration projects the time came to finally put it all together. We urge you to go over some of our old posts to see some of the many suspension and steering parts in process during restoration.

With all the parts looking shiny and new it was now time to get to the business of bolting them onto the car. By popular request this will be a photo rich post as the results are really quite nice in the flesh.

First a photo of the wheel well all stripped and ready to assemble

Dad seems happy to see the first suspension arm go on

Brake rotors were Blanchard Ground. Much more accurate than traditional rotor machining and the standard in racing applications. The finish given by this method acts as the perfect surface for the brake pads to seat to.

It was one thing to see them off the car and quite another to see the shocks installed.

Rear swaybar link with correct nylock nut with yellow plastic insert. Orientation of all fasteners are as per the parts manual.Yes these details matter :)

The rear is coming together

With rotor and calipers this corner is ready for a wheel.

On to the front

Wheel well finishing with sardine type strap holding the fresh air duct. Just like original right down to re-using the factory made pop rivet holes.

Front ball joints fitted with castle nuts, cotter pins, and marked with yellow paint. New ball joints use nylock nuts here so we had to track down original castle nuts and drill the fasteners.

Another view of the front corner

Last step was filling the hydraulic system and bleeding the brakes. Here we are bleeding the master cylinder using a simple setup to re-circulate the fluid.

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