Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Wheels and Veals: McLaren Toronto mounts our tires giving a reason to celebrate

We are not going to lie when we say that we were scared to death to have the tires mounted to the wheels. So much work went into getting the wheels perfect that we just did not want them damaged while having the tires fitted.

To this end we called upon the experts at McLaren in Toronto to take away our fears and they were magnificent. Their lead tech immediately understood the importance of the task and was particularly gentle as the Dino is a personal favorite of his. While installing the tires he schooled some of the junior techs on the wheel finish, understanding the great lengths we went to achieve an authentic looking finish, while the younger guys are all used to seeing high gloss blemish free wheels.

The result is nothing short of what you would expect from McLaren; not the slightest mark anywhere. The immediate release of tension called for an Italian celebration in the form of veal sandwiches and Brio soft drink :)



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