Monday, July 23, 2012

A gift for Dad realizes a dream over 50 years on

Today we got to do something really special. Our obsession with cars and Ferraris runs long and deep with much of it fueled by stories our father told us as we were growing up. Among these tales is one of his friend getting an authentic set of factory Ferrari work overalls back when he was a teenager. His friend was SO excited to have these overalls that he wore them everywhere including to bed; such was his passion for Ferrari. As we started work on the Dino he recounted this story and mentioned in passing that he would like something to be able to wear when working on the car.

While digging for parts we came across an original set of factory work overalls as delivered to employees of Ferrari. Sadly they were size small so we knew that it would take a small miracle in order to have them fit. Lucky for us our magic dust came in the way of a master seamstress that we call Mom. Massively experienced, and with an ability not often seen anymore, she opened up the garment and modified it by skillfully adding a black gusset on the side thereby increasing its size as needed (mind you this was all done by eye without the luxury of fitting). Once completed things were topped off with dad’s name fittingly embroidered on the breast.

After a pile of work it was all done and given today. The fit was tailor-perfect and dad was so excited to have the overalls that he insisted to keep them on for the drive home. I’m sure he never could have imagined that over 50 years after his friend got a set that he would have his own. It leaves me to wonder what he will wear to bed tonight?

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