Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fly hunting in Pebble: Choosing the correct yellow

The opportunity to restore the Dino is a lifelong dream that has taken us on some journeys we could have never imagined. Among them was a unique situation that took place a few months back as we were on the search for the correct shade of yellow for our Dino.

Most people will tell you that Ferraris are painted 'fly yellow' but just as there are over 119,500 species of flies in the world, so too is there more than one shade of fly yellow. Even with the correct formula there are minute differences as various paint systems have pigment variations that subtly affect the colour. The human eye is the ultimate judge and we had some very talented eyes helping us out.

Enter stage left Don McLellan RM's chief quality control guy and world renowned car designer, and fellow Dino owner, Freeman Thomas to help in the selection. The venue was equally impressive as the images below were taken on the fabled green of Pebble Beach amongst the competitors of the Concours D'Elegance.  Freeman, well busy with the task of being a show judge, was kind enough to bring along his original Ferrari paint samples along with specialist colour testing cards to aid in the process.

Below are images of the men deep in thought, and later, images of Paul with a priceless Testarossa quite obviously satisfied with his selection. It was a scene we could not have imagined in a million years and one that will last us a lifetime.

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