Tuesday, October 9, 2012

More sheet metal goodness: 01464 gets a nose job

The nose of a Dino generally takes an awful beating over the course of its life. Its low curved surface can easily be damaged with just a single mis-judgement to a parking stone and its poor lower lip design holds water as there is no provision to drain it away. As such noses that are not crushed are normally wilted away by the dreads of rust.

Furthermore repairing its complex multi contour shape and hard to reach nature should be attempted only by the most skilled metal workers as errors tend to compound leaving the nose uneven and not symmetrical. Lucky for us we have Jim in our corner to masterfully shape flat sheet into the beautiful profile that is the leading edge of a Dino.

Working with the skill of a Beverly Hills celebrity plastic surgeon Jim managed a perfect repair replicating the shape of the original nose on all axis.  Tomorrow we will profile an often overlooked part of the nose and show images of the finished product.

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