Friday, October 12, 2012

Leave your comments! We love to hear from you

I have spoken to a lot of Blog followers who have no idea that they can participate by leaving us comments. It is fast, easy, free, and does not require any sign in or credentials of any kind. We appreciate hearing from our followers and it motivates us to keep posting even after a long day of struggling with uncooperative parts.

We always read the comments and will reply to whatever is written. For someone maybe wanting to ask something in private they can also use our contact form where an e-mail can be sent directly to us. Again we try to answer these messages in a timely fashion.

In order to help out those who may not be familiar with how to leave a comment, here is a quick photographic how to:

1. At the bottom of each post is the place to leave a comment. It will either say 'No Comments' or 'x# of Comments'

2. You can choose how you want to leave a message whether it be anonymous or leave your partial or full name.

3. If you choose to leave your name, you do not need to fill in the URL/Website portion. Leaving it blank is fine

4. Fill in your comment and hit 'Publish'

5. We just need to make sure that the comment is being made by a person and not machine so it is necessary to type out what is on the screen and hit 'Publish' one more time.

6. With that you are DONE! and we thank you.

Or if you like an e-mail can be sent:

1. Click on the CONTACT button:

2. Fill out the form and click on SUBMIT. A special 'Thank you' page awaits to those who choose to do this.


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