Friday, July 1, 2011

'Braking' news! We are back on track.

It is amazing how many people are following our progress. Yesterday at a car show I was asked when the blog was going to be updated. Truth is that in the last month the need to earn a living took over a bit so the Dino to a back seat and only minimal progress was made. Now we are back on track and hope to make steady advancements.

The first task was to re-build the brake calipers. As you will see from the photos they started rough and are now better than new. Special thanks goes out to Eric at PMB Performance for his excellent advice and parts. If you do not feel like doing this task yourself Eric does a fine job and can be reached at

For those more adventurous, Eric posed an excellent thread on Ferrari Chat where he documented a full re-build of the extremely complicated rear calipers. The thread link is: and there are tons more photos there of a caliper re-build that started off much worse than ours.

Now for the photos:

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