Saturday, July 2, 2011

'Shocking' discovery leads to a slight change of plan

Today while disassembling the shock / spring assemblies we made an interesting discovery. After separating the spring from the shock, and cleaning away the grime, we unearthed the original date stamp of 1970 on the shock bodies. This means that these are the original shock absorbers the car was delivered with! Instead of replacing them for new ones we will now undertake the re-build and restoration of the original shock absorbers. Sure it will be more work than just replacing them but it will be one more (or rather 4 more) original parts that will make it back on the Dino. Regrettably the springs were not as lucky as they have worn to uneven lengths and one was even broken at the base.

The pictures will show the grime however, despite the terrible looking shock bushings, the shocks themselves felt pretty good. Either way at this stage they will be re-built and likely dynoed to ensure their proper operation.

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