Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A little Le Mans for the Dino

Well this installment is about a little part supplied by the 10 time Le Mans champions Audi.

Turns out that Audi gets their brake calipers from ATE which is the same supplier that Ferrari used for the Dino. As such all new Audi's are fitted with the correct ATE rubber dust caps that go on the brake caliper bleeder nipples. Our caps were too old and damaged to properly restore so a quick trip to the local Audi dealer sorted us out with 4 fresh ATE dust caps. Concours perfect and another detail off the list. Ask nice and they may even give them to you for free.


  1. great stuff, regards Matthias

  2. Nice find. Do you have the Audi part number for these?

  3. Sorry no part number. I just went to the Audi dealer and asked a tech in the service department. He came out with 4 of them for free so I did not ask any questions.